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Meier and co. talk Railroads!

On EGTV. With videos of old prototypes and everything.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ever wondered how Railroads! came about? Well, Eurogamer TV is hosting a video today delving into just that, with commentary from the likes of Sid Meier, executive producer Barry Caudill and lead artist Greg Foertsch - even including some amusing footage of the very first prototype, for which Meier learnt how to use 3D Studio Max so he could do the artwork without bothering anyone.

The video also delves into Sid's inspiration for going back to trains, how Railroads! relates to old-days Railroad Tycoon, how the various elements of the dev-team approached the project and what their goals were, and of course there's also a lot of footage from the final version, which is due out this week. In fact, if you stand around in the shop going "CHOO CHOO!" really loudly they might even let you buy it today just to get rid of you.

Our review will be up very soon of course, but in the meantime, as well as watching and listening to Meier and co. discuss Railroads! on EGTV, you can also check out our recent interview with Sid Meier, where we uncover important facts like what sort of hats the Firaxis chaps like to wear when they're applying the finishing touches. None so nice as Ellie's, I'm guessing.

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