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Sony Japan talks PS3 downloadable content

PSone, e-dist launch details.

Sony has been talking a bit more openly in Japan about what it plans to do with downloadable content around the PS3 launch.

According to IGN, Sony in Japan has revealed that Blast Factor will be one of the first e-Distribution (Live Arcade-style) games released, along with some sort of weird daily information service starring Sony mascot Toro the cat, which will be available for free.

With those out at launch, there will also be demos of flOw, Lemmings, formerly PSP-based puzzle game Kazuo, and a Sony Europe puzzle game about exploding blocks (called, for now, "Puzzle") - with full versions of those games due to be released online by the end of this year.

Japanese gamers logging into the PlayStation Store will also be able to download a game of future-best-PS3-game-ever Ridge Racer 7 on launch day.

And for those of you wondering about those PSone games that you'll be able to download on your PS3 and then copy and play on the PSP, Sony's said that there'll be quite a few out in late November, including Resident Evil Director's Cut, Bishi Bashi Special, Arc the Lad, Hot Shots Golf 2, Silent Bomber, Mr. Driller and Tekken 2 - with around ten following each month thereafter.

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