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GTA Trilogy and movie packs

Xbox/PS2 owners encouraged to hop on the pimpmo-bandwagon.

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Rockstar plans to release a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy pack for Xbox and a Special Edition of San Andreas for PS2 featuring a video DVD in the run-up to Christmas. So that's the GTA Threesome and the GTA Big Disc Edition for those living in a parallel universe where Jack Thompson hasn't been invented.

Both packages will be released in the US on October 18th (European dates TBC – but we'd expect them to show up pretty sharpish). The Xbox Trilogy pack obviously consists of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, while the PS2's bonus DVD includes a copy of San Andreas-based mini-movie The Introduction as well as a DVD version of Rockstar's debut documentary Sunday Driver.

The Introduction, you may recall, fleshes out some of the back-story to the game and was previously released as part of the 2-CD version of the game's soundtrack way-back-when. We still have some screenshots up elsewhere on the site.

Sunday Driver, meanwhile, was announced as a PlayStation Portable UMD movie last week - it's due out on that format "this autumn". It catalogues the adventures (and presumably misadventures) of the Compton/Watts chapter of Californian low-rider car club The Majestics, promising interviews and keen insights into the club's origins (a secret love of Tigger and Superglue, presumably).

A slightly lower-key aspect of the Trilogy/Special Edition announcements is that both versions will have been shorn of the "Hot Coffee" content that so horrified Bill "I did not etc." Clinton's increasingly peculiar wife a couple of months ago.

We're not quite sure who the Trilogy and Special Ed packs are meant for exactly (particularly given that Rockstar's already pulled this trick once before with Double Packs of GTA III and Vice City for PS2/Xbox), but it's bound to be good news for somebody. Shareholders, perhaps.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto's PSP debut, Liberty City Stories, is due out in the US on October 25th and a few days later in Europe on October 28th.

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