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Rockstar doing UMD movie

About Californian car modders.

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The folks over at Rockstar Games are taking time out from their busy schedule of developing Grand Theft Auto titles and upsetting Miami-based lawyers to produce a brand new documentary film.

Sunday Driver follows the adventures of the Compton/Watts chapter of California's low rider car club, The Majestics. It's described as "a portrait of a community working together to build the ultimate customised vehicles, while struggling to legitimise their lifestyle under close scrutiny of the authorities."

The film promises an upfront look at the club from its origins to the present day, and features first person interviews with the Majestics themselves.

"Films have always had a hand in influencing everything we create at Rockstar," said Rockstar president Sam Houser.

"Our goal was to create a film with the same cutting edge, uncompromising cinematic content that we strive for in our games. We are extremely proud of Sunday Driver as an evolution of the Rockstar brand into film."

Sunday Driver is out on UMD this autumn.

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