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Are you the UK's sexiest gamer?

Of course not, but this Are You Hot Or Not rip-off is asking anyway.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We love voting sites. We have a longstanding, platonic relationship with them, particularly the ones with "rack" in the title. Great sites. However we never really got on with Are You Hot Or Not because, well, we're ugly as sin and about as attractive to the opposite sex as a kickabout in the park with lacy underwear for goalposts.

On this basis, we're not sure how Sexiest Gamer is liable to get on, because their goal is "to prove to the world that gamers are not joystick jockeys, glued to their keyboards." But we are, you stupid pink website-toting buffoons! And nobody uses [it was the c-word with "ing" -Ed] joysticks any more, for the love of Mega Man!

Fortunately, they're promising to export any attractive people who manage to convince them of their games-playing tendencies to LA for a whole week, during which time they'll probably decide to stay. Better for the rest of us, we reckon. If not, Jaws might get them on their free trip round Universal Studios.

So, yes, if you reckon you look good, fancy winning a trip to the States and frequent this website (rather than stumbling upon it while looking for Hotmail or something) then click ye in this direction. You can submit pictures now and voting starts on October 2nd.

There's also a page for American gamers, but we don't do Americans. Sorry.

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