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Vivendi announces Red Ninja: End of Honor

'Sorry buddy, we're all outta honor.'

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Vivendi has released details of a title in development by new Japanese team Tranji. Red Ninja: End of Hono[u]r is set in Japan in the 1500's during fierce power struggles, a time when the Samurai have lost their clout thanks to years of clan conflict and warlords are turning to the Ninja to aid them in their political gains.

In a story penned by Japanese screenwriter/director Shinsuke Sato, the player assumes the role of Kurenai, a female ninja who is pursuing a personal vendetta against the Black Lizard Clan responsible for the death of her father. She makes use of a wire weapon called the Tetsugen, the effectiveness of which alters depending on attachments, and the length and strength of the wire itself.

However aside from merely taking out opponents, Kurenai has a wealth of talent up her sleeve, including the ability to dislocate her joints to make an escape from tight spots or prisons, the art of disguise and, less typically (in gaming at least), she can make use of her womanly wiles to seduce and distract her way out of a situation.

We can apparently expect Red Ninja to make its way onto PS2 and Xbox this time next year. Oh, and look! Screenshots!

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