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FFVII film: no Euro date yet

As US release is set back.

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Square Enix and Sony Pictures have delayed the US launch of its CG film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It's no longer coming out at the same time as it does in Japan.

If the US thinks they've got it bad, they shouldn’t complain too much – when we spoke to Square Enix UK, a representative admitted they have still not confirmed a release date for Europe.

Originally lined up for a September 13th roll-out with its Japanese counterpart, the US version of Advent Children now has a vague "holiday season" launch, with mid-to-late November expected, according to 1UP.

With no theatrical launch planned in the West, UMD and DVD versions will be the main formats, the latter coming in a 2-disc special edition form that includes trailers, bonus features and behind-the-scenes-footage.

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