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No free Nintendogs for us!

No plans to mirror US promotion.

Nintendo of Europe has revealed that it does not plan to follow its American arm's example by distributing free copies of DS title Nintendogs to select members of the Nintendo.com community prior to its launch in Europe later this year.

According to a number of sources, Nintendo of America has selected a number of prolific members of its Nintendo.com community to receive a free copy of the game prior to its North American release on August 22nd - the idea presumably being to generate word-of-mouth as these gamers get involved with their pups.

Nintendo ran a similar promotion for Animal Crossing on the GameCube when that came out many moons ago.

Speaking to this website today, a Nintendo of Europe representative said it had "no plans" to do something similar here.

Nintendogs, due out in Europe before the end of the year, is currently doing roaring trade in Japan - it's a pet simulator, of sorts, which allows you to bring up your own puppy and love and nurture him using the stylus. Er, in a good way.