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Mario Golf GBA to ship with wireless adapter

In Japan. Nintendo Europe has no idea whether we'll get it, of course.

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Fans of golf on the go will be pleased to hear that Mario Golf: Advance Tour now looks set to ship in Japan on April 22nd, and, like the Japanese chart-topping Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green revamps, it will be bundled with the wireless link-up adapter to support the game's multiplayer options.

According to Nintendo, Advance Tour will allow two players to compete against each other, obviously, and also trade unlocked special clubs via the wireless link. The game will also boast some degree of connectivity with its GameCube pseudo-sibling, uploading custom GBA players to the Cube Toadstool Tour title and unlocking hidden courses in the handheld version.

With GameCube title Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour due out in the UK and Europe from June 18th this year (following the usual massive US to Europe delay), Advance Tour is more than likely to appear at about the same time. A Nintendo spokesperson couldn't confirm the exact date this morning - the game is still listed as Q2 2004 internally - but even if there's a slight delay eager beavers can make do with an imported copy of the US equivalent, which is due out in North America on June 28th.

Sadly though there's still no word on the fate of the wireless GBA adapter. Nintendo Europe had "no details at all" when we called just now - they don't even know whether it's ever coming out in Europe at this stage, and the chances are they won't until somebody in Japan decides we ought to be enlightened.

Fortunately though the Game Boy Advance is pretty universal. In fact, we can't recall a single peripheral that hasn't worked on a console from any region - they are, after all, basically the same machine with different warranty stickers. In other words, Lik-Sang is your friend.

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