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Chaos League MP demo, £2,000 tournament

Digital Jesters gives you money to play its games over the Internet. Which isn't a bad deal at all.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Digital Jesters has released a multiplayer demo of Chaos League, giving players a chance to get to grips with French developer Cyanide's American Football-esque future sports title online, and announced a demo tournament with a prize fund of some £2,000 to run next month. The full game should be released in August.

For those with no idea about Chaos League, you can find more details here in our previous write-up. For the rest of you, this demo features three of the game's ten races and four arenas, and weighs in at around 154MB. You can download it today from Eurofiles.

DJs' Chaos League tournament, meanwhile, is set to kick off on July 5th, and will stretch for three weeks with a grand final on July 26th. Prizes include an NVIDIA FX6800 graphics card, with an FX5950 Ultra for second place and there are remote controlled tanks and goodie bags for runners-up. You can read more details and sign up now at the game's official website.

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