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Core plans Tomb Raiders 7 and 8

On the same engine.

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Although nobody really knows when Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness will ship in the UK and Europe (current estimates have the PS2 version out before the end of June, or on July 4th, with the PC version sometime that month), and Eidos has still to say anything to the city on the subject, Lara's leash-holders Core have been talking to the press about what happens next. "We don't think we went traditional enough with this game. For the next one, we want to bring the dinosaurs back," co-founder Jeremy Heath-Smith told C&VG.

Indeed, Core now seems to be plotting a total u-turn, taking Lara out of the darkness of Paris and edgy narrative of Angel of Darkness and dragging her back to tomb raiding. "We thought people had had enough of tombs, but the reality is, I don't think people can get enough of tombs and all that stuff."

"Our plan for the trilogy is very much to have one out every 12 months, because we've got them planned out and we're not going to touch the technology, so we're going to play with the storyline - and our plan is to spin the next one in a year. Our plan is to have it, I'm hoping, before June next year." [Ha! -city]. On the subject of the sequel, "all the design and locations are done, lots of sketches have been done... and we have the main character!"

So there you have it. Dinosaurs, tombs and this year's tech. Coming at you next year and the year after that. Check back later today to see what Kristan made of this year's offering though, which he's been busily putting through its paces this week...

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