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Will Wright confirms SimCity sequel

"We're about to come out with a new direction".

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Sims creator Will Wright has confirmed that a new SimCity title is in development, telling the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "We're about to come out with a new direction for it." No word on what it might be, but it's clear from Wright's comments that he wants to create a different sort of sequel this time.

"SimCity kind of worked itself into a corner," he said during E3. "It had gotten a little complicated for people who had never played SimCity. We want to take it back to its roots where somebody who had never heard of SimCity can pick it up and enjoy playing it without thinking it was really, really hard," he added.

It's not the first we've heard of a new SimCity. Luc Barthelet, general manager of Sims/SimCity developer Maxis, has previously mentioned on French television that work began on SimCity 5 as early as January 2004, although at the time Maxis PR attempted to shush it up by claiming, "any speculation as to SimCity 5 is premature."

We're guessing we can probably mention it now...

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