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Atari bolsters Demon Stone cast

Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan take on roles, while R. A. Salvatore is installed to develop the storyline.

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Atari has signed best-selling author R. A. Salvatore and actors Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan to contribute to Stormfront Studios' forthcoming D&D fantasy hackandslash Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, due out this autumn on PS2.

Salvatore will help to develop the story, while the two actors will, somewhat unsurprisingly, adopt a couple of voice roles for the game, which sees the player controlling a party of three characters - a fighter, a sorcerer and a rogue - and switching between them on the fly to tackle a wide range of enemies.

As you might imagine, all three have previous experience that ought to come in useful. In fact, Salvatore has already penned entire novels centred on the Forgotten Realms and other Dungeons & Dragons locations, including the Icewind Dale Trilogy.

Michael Duncan Clarke (playing Slaad Lord Ygorl) has appeared in countless films over the years including The Green Mile and Daredevil, and has even lent his voice to previous games like SOCOM II: US Navy SEALs.

As for Patrick Stewart - the noted thesp has plenty of fantasy experience thanks to his stint in the captain's chair on Star Trek The Next Generation, from which his portrayal of wizard Khelban "Blackstaff" Aunsun is sure to benefit.

Demon Stone is due out this autumn from Atari on PS2.

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