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Acclaim announces World Championship Rugby

Team behind Jonah Lomu Rugby developing it.

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Given that England won the World Cup on Saturday morning, it seems rather odd that EA doesn't have a suitably glossy, authentic Rugby World Cup title waiting for the legions of fair weather patriots no doubt keen to back up their latest obsession with material goods. But, as anybody who has experienced Rugby 2004's distinctly uncharacteristic display of dodgy presentation and unfulfilling gameplay will probably feel, they really, really don't. Cue the arrival of Jonah Lomu Rugby developer Swordfish Studios, the UK firm aiming to stamp their credentials on the genre once again next March with World Championship Rugby.

Published by Acclaim, World Championship Rugby will appear on PS2, Xbox and PC, and early screenshots are rather encouraging, with plenty of detail and a few well drawn examples of line outs, kicks and other rugby related antics. According to Acclaim's Larry Sparks, it's "the most compelling, hard-hitting, highly playable rugby game for next generation systems and PC". We'll see whether Swordfish swing low in March 2004.

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