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Molyneux pop-quizzed about The Movies

Girls on film! Girls on film!

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GameSpot caught up with god game mogul Peter Molyneux at last week's X03 event in France and threw some questions in his general direction. The transcript is in the guise of a Q&A on The Movies, Lionhead's intriguing movie management and creation title which Kristan investigated last month.

Molyneux starts by talking about the differences between the PC and console versions of the game, stating that the only real variations between the versions at the current stage of development are the interfaces. However, he identifies that many console gamers "prefer challenges that are well-defined and shorter than those you might find in PC games", and that this is something the team is looking at addressing.

After going off on a tangent about some of the company's other projects, the questioning returns to The Movies with an interesting point about how sequels might be received within the game. Molyneux says that the timing of your sequel release and an effort to outdo the movie's predecessor will determine just how successful any sequel would be. Audiences in the world of The Movies can apparently be just as fickle as reality's more discerning moviegoers.

After stressing that Lionhead will do all it can to support the mod community, Molyneux answers an interesting question about the simulated nature of the world in The Movies. Apparently, "your studio will continue to run without any input from you. Stars will continue to have affairs, femme fatales will try to seduce the crew, and if you don't use your stars enough, they'll develop drinking problems or look for other jobs." Peter states that these kinds of game-life simulations are "fundamental" to any world he creates.

We don't know about you, but The Movies sounds incredibly interesting to us at least. Another 18 months of development to go will determine if Lionhead can pull off this apparent master stroke of creativity without stuffing up royally.

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