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Webzen cancels Endless Saga

PC and PS3 MMO bites the dust.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Seoul-based developerr Webzen has confirmed that PC and PS3 MMORPG Endless Saga has been cancelled.

The game was first announced just over a year ago and was due to hit the shops in 2007 - but not any more. Speaking to GameSpot, a representative said that Endless Saga "was under project review", and that the board of directors decided it "wasn't as innovative" as some of Webzen's other works in progress. Those include online FPS Huxley (PC, Xbox 360) and gang warfare effort All Points Bulletin (Xbox 360).

Webzen was keen to point out that it's not abandoning the PS3 - future titles for the console are planned, oh yes indeed, though they haven't announced anything yet.

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