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Phantom unveiling delayed

But not for long.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Infinum Labs has moved the official unveiling of its Phantom console until August thanks to the postponement of the Ultimate Gamers Expo, where the company had originally planned to show off the games machine. The Phantom will now be unveiled at on August 17th. "We also will explore the opportunity to exhibit the Phantom game console at COMDEX, the global technology marketplace trade show that takes place November 17–20, 2003, in Las Vegas," said Infinum founder and CEO Timothy Roberts.

It's hard not to be cynical about what Infinum is attempting to achieve with the Phantom, but with features that include on-demand game rentals, demos and transparent software upgrades, a large collection of pre-loaded games and rumours that state that it will be the fastest available console at release, we'd be foolish to dismiss it.

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