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Ojom's new footy manager

Just in time for World Cup.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Mobile games publisher Ojom has announced the timely launch of Manager Pro World Championship edition, challenging would-be football managers to lead their team to the ultimate victory of winning the World Cup.

Based on World Cup rules, gamers will need to make strategic decisions on which players to put in the team, formation and team tactics, managing the action and making adjustments in real-time as the games are played out.

The game enables real-time changes, substitutions, player attribute amendments and tactical switches to ensure your team makes it all the way to the top from the qualifying rounds, through the semi-finals and on to victory in the World Cup final.

Jason Boatman, director of business development at Ojom, commented: "We have produced a game that allows you to feel the passion, pain and ultimately the joy of the football just like in the World Cup. For all armchair managers, this game is a must-buy."

Manager Pro - World Championship Edition is compatible with a massive selection of handsets and is available now through all major operators and gaming portals. More information on the title can be found by visiting

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