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Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup

(Updated sometimes.) Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault "mod developer's kit" released, Men of Valor and Star Wars Battlefront patched (or "field-dressed" or something).

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EA has responded to the dearth of World War II games at the moment by thrusting a mod developer's kit upon the bayonet-toting masses, giving you the chance to create and modify content for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, which came out in Europe last week. You'll need a .NET framework installation to use it and some other jazz, but we'll leave that for you to worry about. It's 45MB, and you can download it from here.

Former EA bedfellow 2015 has also been making some changes to its recent war-based first-person shooter. You remember Men of Valor: The Vietnam War, right? Now, thanks to a patch which takes things up to version 1.3, you can make it do things like not show you the compass and health stats during the game ending and things like that. Lots more stupid problems - and some unavoidable ones, hopefully - solved by these patches for the UK, German, French and Italian editions. War. It's patch-tastic.

See? Still is. Star Wars Battlefront also needed a ruddy good patching to, judging by the release of version 1.11, which not only fixes things but also adds a bonus multiplayer map (wait, they're all multiplayer maps) called "Tatooine Jabba's Palace". Which is quite possibly a map based on Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. These are the patches you're looking for.

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