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Football Manager 2005 dated

Demo available too.

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SEGA and Sports Interactive today announced that Football Manager 2005, the UK-based developer's first foray into the genre since it parted company with Eidos and lost the use of the Championship Manager brand, will launch in Europe on November 5th. SI signed a five-year publishing deal with SEGA in February.

Not entirely coincidentally, SI has announced the release date on the same day that the latest issue of Football Manager Magazine goes on sale with a cover-mounted beta demo of the game - the only way you can get hold of a playable version of FM2005 without breaking into the developer's Islington offices.

Update: Er.. besides downloading it off ye olde interweb anyway. Here. (Quiet at the back.)

"Ever since we first announced Football Manager 2005 back in February, we've consistently been asked two questions: 'When is it coming out?' and 'Will it be as good as your other games?'," says Miles Jacobson, Managing Director of Sports Interactive. "Now, at last, we're in a position to answer the first question and, from November 5th, people will find out for themselves that the answer to the second question is ''s better'."

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