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Ninja Gaiden: BLACK info

Deluxe edition of Xbox classic.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bah. Turns out the rumours that Ninja Gaiden: BLACK was to be an Xbox 360 title were wrong - in fact it's just a new version of the original game for plain old Xbox.

Still, there's an interesting line-up of extra content and new features to look forward to - NGB will include Hurricane expansion packs 1 and 2, plus new difficulty levels 'Ninja Dog' and 'Master Ninja'.

In addition, the game will feature never-seen-before cut-scenes that reveal more of the Ninja Gaiden world, and plenty of unlockable content including Ninja Ryukenden - the original Ninja Gaiden arcade game, first released back in 1991.

All in all, it sounds well worth an investment if you don't already own the game, and if you like fighting, ninjas and superb graphics you really should. You can read a review of Ninja Gaiden here, and see some screenshots here. Ninja Gaiden: BLACK is out this September.

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