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ELSPA brings piracy issue to Government

Joint approach on problem of counterfeiting mooted.

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Publisher association ELSPA is to engage in discussions with government departments in the UK regarding the problem of software counterfeiting and piracy, following a successful meeting with senior officials.

Representatives from ELSPA met with officials from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in the first of what is hoped will be a series of formal meetings, facilitated by the Department of Trade and Industry.

One of the key topics raised was that of piracy, and plans are now in place to initiate an inter-departmental Ministerial meeting to establish an effective approach to the problem - effectively taking ELSPA's current co-operation with the Police and Trading Standards authorities to the next level.

"It was a very positive meeting where a range of issues were discussed," according to ELSPA director general Roger Bennett, "and I was encouraged by the Government's desire to work with the industry in dealing with them, in particular the one of piracy. Together we aim to look at the enforcement resources, as well as how to generate public awareness of the damage this crime inflicts on society."

"The emphasis will be on cure rather than prevention," he continued. "These meetings offer us, as well as other industry sectors, the opportunity to not only discuss the more specific problems we suffer but also to provide senior Government members with sufficient information to enable them to make informed judgements on how they can tackle such problems."

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