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Ford Racing 2 demo

Yeah, erm: Focus!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Given that Ford owns everything with four wheels and many things without, we're guessing some of you drive their cars, and will perhaps be interested in seeing how they handle on a PC. After all, how many of the cars in your GT3 garage are actually waiting outside for you to take 'em for a spin? The rest of you... well, you can feign interest and we'll give you a mark out of 10. Deal?

Excitement abounds then, because Empire has released a demo of Ford Racing 2, a brand-specific racer along the same lines as (but hopefully better than) TDK's Mercedes-Benz WorldRacing and Corvette titles. An 82MB demo of the game can be found on publisher Empire's website, and 3D Gamers has a much smaller, 33MB version stripped of the DirectX installation files for those of you who already have DX.

Finally, hands up if that new Focus Scenic ad with the jelly annoys you? Ah. Thought so.

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