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350k Saints Row downloads

During the demo's first week.

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THQ has championed the use of Xbox Live Marketplace to distribute pre-release demos of Xbox 360 games, revealing that the recently released Saint's Row demo was downloaded 350,000 times during its first week online.

The demo release forms part of a wider pre-release marketing campaign, which also includes television advertising in seven countries, cinema campaigns in Europe and Asia Pacific, print advertising, and retail pre-order campaigns.

Those pre-ordering in-store will be able to take home a specially made DVD containing the Xbox 360 demo, a "making of", original music and Marketplace icons and themes.

The full game is due out on August 29th in the US and on September 1st in the UK, and is exclusive to Microsoft's next-generation console platform.

"We've put significant resources behind the Saint's Row marketing campaign, generating tremendous buzz with creative grass roots efforts and the strategic timing of pre-release content," said THQ's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Bob Aniello.

"Our multi-million dollar advertising campaign will continue to fuel anticipation in the weeks leading up to launch and we believe extensive plans for post-launch downloadable content will further establish it as a must-have title this holiday season," he added.

Pre-release Xbox 360 downloadable demos have proved immensely successful so far, with Fight Night Round 3 said to have enjoyed a 40 percent demo-to-purchase conversion rate following the release of its demo.

Meanwhile, the Dead Rising demo is currently one of the ten most popular activities among 360 owners with Live connectivity - with strong US sales pushing the full game to second in the same list behind Call of Duty 2.

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