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The Eurogamer ECTS mini-Geekmeet

Come and have a go if you thi... er, no, wait...

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Image credit: Eurogamer

ECTS 2003 is just around the corner, cradled this year in the heart of the newly conceived London Games Week - and we're sure quite a lot of you, our dear readers, will be around for the show in order to sample the delights of unreleased games, free swag, and the delightful scents of Central London in high summer.

As such, we thought to ourselves, why not set a time for all our wonderful readers to meet up, so that we can put faces to names at long last? And lo! The ECTS Eurogamer mini-Geekmeet was born.

Our invitation to you, then, is to pop along to the Eurogamer booth (#1574) at 4pm on Wednesday, say hi to the assembled masses of site staff, site readers, and scared looking people who've accidentally walked into the teeming horde while hunting for the Whiptail Interactive stand, and possibly even cadge a drink off us. Or better yet, buy us one at the ECTS bar!

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