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PS3 to go on show at GDC

Hardware and tools, anyway.

As the Game Developers Conference gets underway in San Francisco, Sony has confirmed that the PS3 will go on show at this year's event - but whether visitors will actually get to see it running games is another question.

In a statement, Sony said that there will be "PlayStation 3 kiosks, showcasing the latest hardware and development tools for the next-generation console, including Unreal Engine, COLLADA, PlayStation Graphics Library (PSGL) and performance analysis tools."

Sony also said that the booths would host "demonstrations of games that highlight the new and unique features of the PlayStation platform" - but stopped short of saying whether any of those games would be for the PS3.

However, it was confirmed that several PSP games will be playable at the show, including Loco Roco, Field Commander and Me & My Katamari. Sony will also use GDC to demonstrate the PSP Spot game download service, and new accessories for the handheld such as the PSP headset.

Things are set to get properly exciting later today, when Phil Harrison, Sony's head of Worldwide Studios, delivers a keynote speech titled 'PlayStation 3: Beyond the Box'. He's scheduled give the speech at 10.30am local time, or 6.30pm in the old money - visit Eurogamer for all the latest.