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Sony confirms EyeToy: Groove

With 25 licensed tunes and a calorie meter. Sounds familiar...

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With EyeToy: Play still throbbing away at the top of the charts, Sony has officially confirmed that, as reported recently, the next title to use the Logitech-made USB webcam will be EyeToy: Groove, a rhythm-action title due out in Q4 this year. We're expecting to see it at The PlayStation Experience, too, as Sony has already confirmed that EyeToy will be there in some capacity.

Like all good rhythm-action games, Groove will involve lots of posing, waving and rhythm zones, which players will have to poke at in time to the music. Bonus points are on offer for particularly energetic dance movements, and high scores look set to be rewarded by more features. In-keeping with all this physical exercise, Groove will include a calorie meter to measure how much you're burning up in each session.

Sony's also hoping for another game family and friends can enjoy together, with a multiplayer mode to encourage embarrassing "dance offs", and a challenge mode allowing players to create their own dance patterns for chums to try and clock.

Of course, no rhythm-action game would be complete without familiar tunes, and Groove will have 25 licensed offerings from the likes of Madonna, Misteeq, Sister Sledge, The Jackson 5 and, ugh, The Cheeky Girls. What we'd really like, of course, is the option to whack our own CDs in the drive, or hook them in via some sort of USB line-in, but as long as The Ketchup Song doesn't become a compulsory obstacle, we're sure these 25 will be fine.

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