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ECTS 2003: Codemasters' line-up

Pop Idol! Screeeeam!

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We've been toiling over more ECTS lists this afternoon and one of them is Codemasters' positively anorexic offering, comprising Colin McRae Rally 04 (which Kristan will be writing about tomorrow, by the way), Pop Idol: The Official Video Game (hold us back), LMA Manager 2004 and the Club Football games. However, when you factor in the seven hundred and forty eight different iterations of Club Football, it's easier to fill a sizeable stand with content. We'll be treating it as one game, but having a look at how the Codies have distinguished each version to some degree, as it's an interesting approach. We'll try and find out if ChartTrack's going to let them treat it as one big ole' game, too - otherwise we somehow doubt it's going to trouble the All Formats Top 40...

  • Colin McRae Rally 04 [PS2, Xbox]
  • Pop Idol: The Official Video Game [PS2, PC]
  • LMA Manager 2004 [PS2, Xbox]
  • Club Football games (Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea) [PS2, Xbox]

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