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UK PSP games to cost £34.99

First party pricing confirmed.

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First party PSP games are going to cost £34.99 in the UK when the handheld goes on sale on September 1st, Sony has been telling retailers.

This pricing will apply to games including Ridge Racer, WipEout Pure and World Tour Soccer from day one, but we've been unable to confirm that it will apply to third party product.

Retailers are expected to uphold the suggested retail price. And who wouldn't, what with Sony's continued quest to sue those who steps out of line on PSP-related matters?

The main PSP hardware bundle, the so-called "Value Pack" which features a 32MB Memory Stick Duo for storing save-games and multimedia data, as well as battery pack, AC adapter and sundry trinkets, has previously been set at £179.99.

If you can't be arsed to wait, Hong Kong-based importer Lik-Sang is currently selling American and Japanese PSPs with free shipping worldwide as long as you buy one game. You can find details of that offer here.

Although for how long is anyone's guess. We look forward to being able to spend £34.99 on PSP games developed ten minutes from our house six months after they were finished without the fear of the people selling them to us being sued to bits in proceedings that probably swallow up our taxes.

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