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Turn your GBA into a TV

For almost no money!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SimplyGames is offering the Blaze TV tuner for the ridiculous price of £10.99. Quite how this is the case is a little beyond us, but there we are.

The peripheral literally turns your GBA into a mini-TV. A quick test reveals that they actually do work. Like, properly. You can see what�s happening on the screen and everything. You can even hear stuff. This means that while you're banned from watching football for 20 hours a day by the dominant female in the house (or a Portuguese court), you can retire to the toilet and watch all the action on a really small screen. Practically for free.

The set includes an AV in/out, so you can plug a PS2, an Xbox or a DVD player into it if you get really desperate. Go here to buy one. These were £50 when they were released in 2002. We don't understand.

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