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Sega, From confirm Xbox 360 support

Japanese support for next-gen Xbox continues to grow as unveiling draws near.

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Two more major Japanese publishers have announced support for Microsoft's next-generation console, with software development for the platform already underway at both Sega and From Software, according to a Famitsu report.

With only three weeks to go before the system is unveiled in a special MTV show on May 12th, many key publishers are rushing to confirm that they are working on it - such as THQ and EA, who earlier this week revealed that next-gen work is in progress.

The support of the Japanese industry is particularly important for Microsoft, however, since the original Xbox failed to make any headway in that territory - with the blame often pinned on the lack of locally developed software.

Both Sega and From Software, the two companies named by Famitsu this week, are no strangers to Xbox development - Sega supported the original Xbox with a large number of titles, while From Software was responsible for a few titles such as Otogi and Murakumo.

Neither firm gave any firm details about what it's working on for Xbox 360, although according to US website GameSpot, an interview with From Software president Naotoshi Jin revealed that the firm's range of mech games - which also includes the Armoured Core series - would be a part of the line-up.

Outside Japan, Sega has been more open about what it's working on for the next-gen platform - for starters, it's publishing US developer Monolith's impressive-looking Xbox 360 title Condemned, one of the first titles to be confirmed for publication on the platform.

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