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Surprise surprise: Porn on the PSP

Except, you know, pre-packaged porn. Not just the stuff you've been converting yourself. You are filthy and hellbound, you know.

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Cuh, the things we have to do for this website...

Playboy announced this week that it's launched a section of its website called PlayboyStation Portable dedicated to, you guessed it, providing downloadable photo and video content that's been tailored to look just right on the PSP.

The new section, linked prominently from the front page, offers a free video and some photos of "Cyber Girl of the Year 2005" Amy Sue Cooper, along with the promise of starkers content for paid-up members of the website's "Cyber Club". Eurgh.

Once you've given them an email address, you're directed to a page with download links and instructions on how to transfer the files onto your PSP from a PC or Mac. Er, somebody told us. At the pub. Swear.

The video, which is quite possibly the funniest thing our mate down the pub has seen since the last email circular featuring a poor-taste Pope joke, features Ms Cooper pretending to be a game heroine by sneaking around and attempting to look sassy in a stupid leather outfit.

Playboy reckons the phenomenon of PSP porn (or "erotic content" or whatever it is) will grow like a, well... like something that grows very fast under ideal conditions.

Having completed the shoot, Ms Cooper apparently took time out to reflect on the experience. "Swords. Kung-fu. Leather... Now I know what it feels like to be inside a video game," she purred insightfully.

Having seen herself running (well, jiggling) on the PSP, Cooper added: "The thought of being carried around in a guy's pocket and having him push my buttons is really sexy." But of course she did.

This isn't the first time Playboy's dabbled with games of course. Last year it ran pictures - well, CG renders - of BloodRayne, titular big-titted heroine of Majesco's vampire/nazi/slasher series, draped over some sort of bloody-looking backdrop.

It's also toyed with portable erotic content, too, doing something called iBod which involved displaying naughty pictures on the Apple iPod MP3 player.

Mind you, Playboy's endeavours elsewhere in the gaming world have been less successful, with recent PS2/Xbox/PC title Playboy: The Mansion, in which players aimed to build up a porn empire to rival Hugh Hefner's, flopping like a... oh I give up.

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