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Condition Zero delayed again

But CS Xbox is done and out in the US.

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November 18th has come and gone, and Valve's legions of fans have no doubt noticed by now that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has been made available for purchase neither over broadband content delivery system nor in regular gaming retail channels.

The beleaguered Condition Zero has been much maligned almost since day one. It was originally passed from developer Gearbox Software (who went on to handle the PC port of Halo for Microsoft) to Ritual, and it emerged in recent weeks that Valve also brought in a third developer, Turtle Rock Software, to add a final layer of polish and, if early reviews were a suitable reflection on the product they inherited, hopefully bring the game up to a decent standard.

Now it appears that the game has been held up once again, with Valve's Jess Cliffe telling yesterday that "Right now, we're doing some additional work on the foreign versions and are hoping to have those wrapped up and submitted to Sierra this week."

"Sierra has not confirmed retail release dates for the product but we're hopeful it will be made available shortly," he added.

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