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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault on course

EA denies claims of a fresh delay.

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Electronic Arts has denied that Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault has been delayed until Q1 2005, following reports surrounding the publication of the publisher's financial results this week. The World War II-based first-person shooter is still set to be released on November 12th in Europe.

This puts it in direct competition with the likes of Halo 2 and Half-Life 2, both of which are due out within days of its release. EA will now be hoping that the recognition factor of the brand and a series of development delays to apply polish will help put it on an even footing with the two genre heavyweights.

"The statement that MOHPA is delayed to FY Q4 is incorrect and was NOT issued by an official source," a spokesperson for the publisher's UK arm insisted this morning, after this website reported claims from US news sources that reps had announced the delay to investors during a conference call.

However EA did announce that it is working on a new Medal of Honor title for consoles. You can read more details about that here.

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