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Gran Turismo 4 in 2005?

Sony Japan quietly changes its dates.

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Sony Japan has changed its release target for Polyphony Digital's latest 'driving simulator', Gran Turismo 4, from "fall 2004" to "winter". With separate listings for "winter 2004" and "winter" on the schedule, speculation is now mounting that GT4 has slipped into 2005.

Elsewhere Sony is keeping quiet, with the European and American arms of the company still listing a "November" date. Earlier this year Sony UK refuted suggestions that the game had slipped to 2005, but admitted to this website, "Polyphony are such perfectionists that they won't ship the game until it's absolutely ready." This after a source close to Sony told us, "SCEE won't admit that GT4 will slip yet," insisting that it would come out in 2005.

We won't know for sure either way until Sony decides to comment. GT fans can of course sate themselves to a certain extent by playing Gran Turismo 4: Prologue, the training-ish standalone title released in late May, featuring several tracks and a large number of cars, but limited options and no career mode or tinkering.

The full game will feature a massive career mode and online play, although reports suggest that GT4's online modes have yet to be put to PS2 Online testers, which suggests that Sony and Polyphony are cutting it fine for 2004 if nothing else.

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