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New SiN 2 teaser

John Blade's Mum pops up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new teaser page has appeared on the Ritual Entertainment website, suggesting that an official announcement regarding the sequel to PC first-person shooter SiN could be on the way in just a couple of weeks.

And what's more, point your cursor near the bottom of the page or take a look at the source code, and you'll see that the page is linked to

It claims to be the new website for a pharmaceuticals company, established in 1997 by one Sherilyn Palmer - which just happens to be the name of Colonel John Blade's Mum. Once a sector supervisor for LegionTEK's research facility, she was supposed to have died in a mysterious chemical fire, but perhaps not... Hmm.

Expect more SiN 2 news in, ooh, 15 days or so.

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