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Power Stone Collection for PSP

Dreamcast classics resurrected.

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Classic Dreamcast fighters Power Stone and Power Stone 2 are being resurrected for the Sony PSP.

Power Stone Collection will include both 3D brawlers, complete with all your favourite characters, interactive arenas and - in Power Stone 2, at least - four-player melée action.

Both games will be enhanced and updated - expect an improved interface with new health bars and arrows to show you where to find loose power stones, plus new weapons. Power Stone 2 will feature a new adventure mode with additions to the traditional item creation system, and an exclusive Bomber Battle mini-game that Dreamcast owners missed out on.

There's also a new camera that's been specially designed to suit the PSP, with widescreen, close-up and mid-range viewing options, and an ad hoc wireless multiplayer mode. Thanks to game sharing you'll only need one copy to make use of it.

Power Stone Collection is due out in the US by the end of the year, with a European release likely to follow soon after.

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