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Premium Links course released

Another Xbox Live extra - this time for golfers.

Although we rather thought this was already out, Microsoft has been in touch today to announce the launch of the Plantation Course at Kapalua - the latest premium download available via Xbox Live.

The par 73, 7,263-yard course at Kapalua in Hawaii is the opening event on the professional tour, and was presumably released in the US only back at the beginning of January when we first found out about it. Over there it cost $4.99.

Here in Blighty (and surrounding lands natch) the course will come to £2.47 / €4.99, which is surprisingly good given that we're used to paying more than our American brethren when it comes to things like this.

We're still not fans of premium content, but any Links fan who can't be bothered to brave the cold weather in search of a new game for the weekend could probably do worse than to have a look.

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