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WOW celebrates Lunar New Year

And one million Euro subs.

As you may have spotted, Blizzard's revealed European WOW subs are now over a million, and fans of the game will be able to share in the pyrotechnic delights of some well-timed fireworks if they feel like celebrating.

Not that it's a sale-a-bration; things'll be getting sparkly in Azeroth on account of the Lunar New Year. Between January 27th and February 14th there'll be celebrations focusing on Moonglade - the 29th will also see celebrations in Stormwind, Thunder Bluff and Booty Bay, while all the capital cities will be decorated.

Then on Feb 13th, there'll be a proper firework show in Moonglade paralleling the Chinese "Festival of Lanterns", during which a big light show will take place over Lake Elune'ara.

There'll be some gameplay-based events too - the celebration's focused on the inhabitants of Azeroth's ancestors, and quests offering holiday items as rewards will be doled out by Elder Ghosts throughout the world. They'll cough up tokens players can redeem against things like rockets and fireworks, Festive Dumplings, Lunar holiday dresses and suits and a special red lockbox with a surprise inspired by the Hong Bao given during Chinese New Year.

There'll also be a raid encounter boss named Omen active during the period, and even newbies can take him on. He's been inspired by "Nian" from Chinese lore, and indeed that'll be its name in the Chinese version of WOW.

For more information, refer to the World of Warcraft site.