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GTA: San Andreas soundtrack/radio details

Rockstar plans a double CD soundtrack including a bonus DVD featuring a prologue movie for the game, as well as an eight-CD epic with everything on it.

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Two years away working on San Andreas clearly hasn't dulled Rockstar's passion for the music behind Grand Theft Auto. Having unveiled the game's radio station line-up over the weekend, the publisher announced yesterday that it plans to release a double CD soundtrack featuring a bonus prologue movie DVD, as well as an eight CD epic featuring every track used in the game - in the same vein as the seven-CD compilation that accompanied Vice City.

Both sets are due out on November 22nd in Europe (and a day later in the States). The double CD set will include a mixture of tracks from the game's many radio stations (full details below), but arguably more interesting is the inclusion of a prologue to the game on a bonus DVD. Called "The Introduction", it aims to tell the full story of the events leading up to CJ's return to San Andreas. The double CD set will also include "an exclusive cover of the Nine Inch Nails early 90s industrial staple 'Head Like A Hole' by Northern Californian punk band AFI", recorded for the soundtrack "as a tribute" to that musical era.

Rockstar also revealed details about those stations and gave us a chance to sample them using a car stereo style interface on the game's official website here. But for those of you who can't be bothered to load them up, or can't be seen farting about on your work PC on a Monday morning, we thought we'd round them up. What follows is the full listing of the double CD soundtrack along with a brief radio station rundown. Enjoy.

  • CD 1
  • 1. The Theme From San Andreas
  • 2. Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
  • 3. 2 Pac - I Don't Give A Fuck
  • 4. James Brown - The Payback
  • 5. Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock
  • 6. Guy - Groove Me
  • 7. Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise
  • 8. Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man
  • 9. The Maytals - Pressure Drop
  • 10. Slick Rick - Children's Story
  • 11. Rick James - Cold Blooded
  • 12. Raze - Break 4 Love

  • CD 2
  • 1. Ohio Players - Funky Worm
  • 2. Heart - Barracuda
  • 3. Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
  • 4. Lyn Collins - Think About It
  • 5. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
  • 6. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
  • 7. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
  • 8. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Chase The Devil
  • 9. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
  • 10. Willie Nelson - Crazy
  • 11. AFI - Head Like A Hole (Bonus Track)

And the radio stations...

  • Master Sounds - a classics station DJed by Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson with a clip of "The Payback" by James Brown.
  • Playback - hip-hop with Forth Right MC, featuring "Children's Story" by Slick Rick.
  • Bounce FM - funk with The Funkitpus, playing, appropriately enough, "Funky Worm" by Ohio Players.
  • K-DST, "The Dust" - Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith plays rock tracks like "Two Tickets To Paradise" by Eddie Money.
  • K-Jah Radio West - featuring raga, reggae, dub and such from Marshall Peter and Johnny Lawton, with "Chase the Devil" by Max Romeo & The Upsetters kicking things off.
  • CSR - Philip "PM" Michaels dishes out swing and modern soul like "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe.
  • Radio:X - the home of modern rock, apparently, featuring DJ Sage, and "Killing in the name" by Rage Against The Machine as a sampler.
  • K-Rose - country with Marybeth Maybell, and specifically "Crazy" by Willie Nelson.
  • Radio Los Santos - features DJ Julio G, and as you'd expect from an LA-inspired station, it's very West Coast hip-hop, complete with "I Don't Give A F***" by 2-Pac.
  • SF-UR - DJ Hans Oberlander deals with house music like "Break 4 Love" by Raze.

We'd encourage you to give them all a listen. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is due out on PS2 on October 29th. And yes, that does mean next Friday. We can't believe how close it is either...

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