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No e-Reader for Europe

Nintendo back-pedals on handheld add-on plans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Reports suggest that Nintendo has decided against the release of its e-Reader device in Europe. The e-Reader had been set for release in October along with at least 10 of its card-based games, having been confirmed by Nintendo Europe representatives earlier this year. It was also seen as one of the only ways import favourite Animal Crossing would ever see a domestic release - as the game's e-Reader-enhanced version, along with the device itself, is even due for release in the fellow PAL territory of Australia.

But once again Europe is the butt of Nintendo's worldwide joke. "We can confirm there are no current plans to release e-Reader in Europe," a spokesperson said yesterday, on the same day that various outlets confirmed that the e-Reader and Donkey Kong Jr. e-card are to be given away free in a new US GBA bundle for a mere $79.99.

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