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Table Tennis demo very soon

Major Nelson gives it a 'bump'.

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Those of you with - actually, you don't even need a long memory for this. Those of you capable of retaining any sort of fact will recall that a Rockstar Table Tennis demo is on the way to Xbox Live Marketplace. Well, there's an update: it's now due "very, very soon". Right.

Last might we brought you word courtesy of lead designer Benjamin Johnson, speaking to, who had said that we could expect a demo soon, although he couldn't say what was going to be in it. Table Tennis was released on Xbox 360 in late May, so it's about time.

And, as Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, better known as Xbox Live's Major Nelson, informs us this week, "folks that work with Rockstar" are talking about how it will hit Marketplace "very, very soon". Faaantastic.

Developed by Rockstar San Diego, Table Tennis is a simple, but ultimately rather enjoyable and cheap sports game that really grows on you. We very much liked it - particularly the Xbox Live multiplayer.

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