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Table Tennis demo soon

Plus: Rockstar mentality.

Rockstar's planning to release a demo of Table Tennis on Xbox Live Marketplace, according to lead designer Benjamin Johnson.

Speaking to Xbox.com a little while ago, Johnson confirmed the demo is on the way, but didn't offer any details about it. From which we'll infer that you play as Mr T. against Napoleon Dynamite using a floor tile instead of a bat.

Johnson also explained the rationale behind charging less than full price for Table Tennis. In essence it's down to consumer expectation. You drove it down with your expectations. Well expected!

"We definitely consider this one of our triple-A titles, but we also consider it to be priced fairly at $40," said Johnson. "We've become known for our open, immersive worlds - in terms of the Grand Theft Auto series and Midnight Club Racing 3."

So, new site tactic: constantly complain about game prices.