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PS2 Liberty City Stories dated

And priced.

Rockstar's officially announced a release date for the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It'll be out in the US on June 6th, and available here on June 9th.

In a brief press release issued yesterday evening, the publisher also confirmed that punters would pay EUR 29.99 or GBP 19.99 for the game - in other words, it'll be at a budget price point from day one.

That's likely to be because Rockstar accepts that people place different levels of value on handheld games - and Liberty City Stories, even after it's been ported to the PS2, is ostensibly a PlayStation Portable game.

That's not to say it's a bad one of course. At the time of release, we were quite happy to return to Liberty City - setting of the first 3D Grand Theft Auto title, GTA III - and enjoyed the multiplayer options, although we did remark that we'd probably score it less if it appeared as a proper home console game. Ah. But then we were probably thinking of it in terms of full price. Ooh.

So we'll have to see what happens. Next up for Rockstar though - as we reported on Thursday - is the release of Table Tennis for Xbox 360, on May 26th.

Expect reviews of those around the times of release.