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Square Enix quiet on 'World of Mana'

It's been registered, as has a logo, but other than that we'll have to wait and see.

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Square Enix has registered "The World of Mana" with the US Patent & Trademark Office, sparking rumours that the renowned developer plans to revisit its Mana line of action-oriented RPGs.

Indeed, it seems highly likely, particularly given the inclusion of a logo for the game featuring the familiar sight of the Mana tree - inside a diamond shaped crest bearing "The World of Mana" name.

Square Enix has declined comment on the mark's registration, but that hasn't stopped eager fans trying to guess what it's up to. PSP, DS, next-gen, another cross-platform media effort ala Fullmetal Alchemist - there are lots of ideas.

The last time Square Enix released a Mana title, it was the relatively poorly received Sword of Mana on Game Boy Advance. But the series' pedigree has long since been established, with many action-RPG fans holding Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo in high regard.

Mind you, Secret of Mana's insistence on six-letter character names is responsible for this writer's online handle. Indeed, yours truly might well be doing something completely different were it not for that. So, in some respects, it's got a lot to answer for.

We'll have to wait and see whether Square Enix's prepared to answer for its World of Mana registration, but one would imagine that, with E3 just under a month away, it's something we might well learn more about in the coming weeks.

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