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SCEA to unveil Dark Odyssey this week?

Level 5 clearly isn't afraid of the Dark.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Level 5's anticipated follow-up to Dark Chronicle will be unveiled at a press event this week, according to 1UP. Citing sources close to the game's development, the report stats that the game will be entitled Dark Odyssey, in-keeping with the developer's whimsical naming convention - rather than Dark Cloud 3 in-keeping with publisher SCEA's own approach.

Although we know absolutely nothing useful about Dark Odyssey, we know it's an RPG and we'd be pretty shocked if it wasn't at least along the same lines as the previous two titles, the second of which Ronan fell in love with when he finally got round to playing it last September.

And of course we do still have that cryptic piece of colourful concept art, which appeared on Level 5's website under the banner "Enter the new world" late last year.

Expect to hear more about Dark Odyssey in the coming days.

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