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PGR2 gets US release date

Race you!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Project Gotham Racing 2 is due out in the US on November 18th, says Microsoft. As you may know, PGR2 is like the original only better and with more explosions. Amongst the shrapnel now embedded in developer Bizarre Creations' mindset is online play, of which there will accordingly be a lot in PGR2. Races for up to eight players will be catered for by Xbox Live, which will also offer online Kudos point scoreboards, downloadable Ghost cars and real-time challenges. For fans of shaking hundredthousanddollar chrome ass from side to side [someone spike your cereal, Tom? -Ed], PGR2 sounds like a godsend. We certainly can't wait - for us, the original PGR was the best console launch title in generations. Now all we need is a European street date.

To see what we made of PGR2 at E3 in May, click here.

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