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Sony decks out PS2 with DJ package

Decks & FX offers a virtual mixing package with over 50 licensed tracks.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It may not be a game as such, but one of the things Sony announced at E3 last week was DJ - Decks & FX, a new virtual mixing deck package crafted by Brighton-based Relentless Software. It's due out this autumn and we have some screenshots here.

From the description it sounds like just the sort of thing to tap into the PS2's teenage and older userbase - allowing budding DJs to mix using a well stocked record box with over 50 licensed tracks (TBC), adding effects and samples to tunes and then listening to individual components on the USB headset whilst the full set pounds out of the speakers.

Sony is billing Decks & FX as the ideal package for house parties and the like, and if nothing else we'll be interested to see how it's received when it launches later this year. Expect it to be a big fixture at Sony's "PlayStation Experience" should the platform holder decide to run one this year.

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