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New tracks for Washington.

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Following on from last month's release of four new cars, Digital Illusions and Microsoft have finally rolled out some juicier downloadables for Midtown Madness 3 - a selection of new Blitz and Checkpoint tracks for Washington DC fans.

It's worth noting that the 20 tracks (10 Blitz, 10 Checkpoint) don't represent new levels or anything like that. Rather they are original competitive routes mapped across Washington, and compare to existing medium and hard tracks in terms of difficulty.

Last month Microsoft announced plans to release a selection of treats for MM3 after months and months of nothing, kicking off with four rather disappointing cars and promising two track packs (of which this is the first) split across Washington and Paris in November, with a final selection of new cars to round things off.

Also snuck into the original download was a fix for a custom soundtrack bug.

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