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Free Radical's Gong of Terror

Bit like a gaming game show.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, currently working on games like Haze for Ubisoft and clearly bored of posting job adverts, has decided to do a sort of Gong Show for games design.

Taking place Friday, 27th October from 8pm at "Kudos" in Thurland Street, Nottingham, the "Free Radical Gong of Terror" will see the veteran developer listening to thoughts and ideas from the ubiquitous "young hopefuls".

They will listen, anyway, up to the point when they get bored, at which point they will thump a giant gong to shoo the offending wannabe-designer off the stage, to be mobbed by "a 600-strong crowd" of drunken revellers.

It's all part of the GameCity event, to which the developer will be contributing "because it's right here in Nottingham, and we don't have to walk far". Devs after our own hearts.

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